Client History

Kiosk Company                                                                          – Present

Design, Redesign, reverse engineered, troubleshoot analog circuits to produce correct response for intended application. Created schematic and board files using Eagle.
Instruments used: function generator, oscilloscope, power supply, multimeter


Medical Device Company                                                  

Developed LabVIEW vision system (camera, syringe pump, pump regulator/transducer) to track slow moving object as an alternative to using a flow sensor.
Design and setup automated test fixture to rapidly test many check valve parts per day. The system consisted of a PC with LabVIEW to control pump regulators, sensors and other hardware. This almost takes the employee out of the loop.
Create automated test to rapidly verify voltage drop, current leakage and resistance measurement on a medical part. Recommended connectors and assembled connectors for medical device to Daq instrument. Assembled cables.

Tavian HealthCare                                                                   

Development of a test rig similar in nature to the human cardiovascular system to provide initial
testing of prototype artificial blood vessels and grafts that are being researched. Instruments used were a linear actuator, stepper motor, DAQ, flowmeter sensor, pressure sensor, and reed valves. Collect systolic and diastolic pressures and plot.

3D Printing Company                                                              , Ohio Area

Interface LabVIEW using RS485 to acquire data from a laser gauge for 3D printing.

Oil & Gas Company                                                                     

Developing a test system to quickly measure voltage drop across a sensor and monitor temperature. This includes interfacing code with Keithley DMM, database, and assembly connectors to instruments. Created custom 40 pin high density D-sub cable.

Aerospace/ System Integration Company             

Provide a converter so that the current system can interface and communicate with the latest optical instrument.

Principal (Sole Proprietor)                                                May 2013 – July 2013, New York

Tasked with creating circuit design and schematic to convert AC Voltage to DC voltage using opto-isolator component. Eventually, we were to fabricate and prototype of the circuit.

 Medical Device Company                                                   

Develop algorithms using LabVIEW to control systems, data acquisitions in devices such as pumps, sensors (temperature, pressure and flow rate) and cDAQ. Modified, developed, tuned and tested closed loop algorithms. Integrate instrumentation devices for testing needs. Work with engineers and CTO to design new programs and modify existing algorithms to meet necessary specifications.

(10 years) Redondo Beach, CA

Responsible for digital and RF test sets and ensure software goes through the life cycle, requirements, design, code, and I&T, on time. Lead a team of engineers to develop test to ensure product functionality and to be sold to customer, Manufacturing.

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